The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Workshop
4-Day Private, Intimate, Inspiring, Transformational and Hands-On Workshop 
Turn Your Calling Into “A Thriving Business” That Fulfills You And Reaches More People So You Can Have A Bigger And More Positive Impact In The World!
4-Day Intimate, Transformational And Hands-On Workshop
Four Top Rated Experts
100 Entrepreneurs I 30+ Scholarships Donations
Full Strategic, Marketing, Sales, and Legal Support
Location: Beverly Hills Women's Club. 1700 Chevy Chase Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Dates: Thursday October 24, 2019 I Thursday October 31, 2019 I Thursday November 7, 2019  I Wednesday November 13, 2019
Time: 10am-5pm 
Registration includes a 4-day pass, materials, parking, snacks, beverages, and a light lunch.
Opening Guest Speaker - Larry King
Our Past Event: The Elite Entrepreneurial Workshop. Oct 20-21, Beverly Hills
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!
The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Workshop
4-Day Intimate, Transformational And Hands-On Workshop
Four Top Rated Experts
100 Entrepreneurs I 30+ Scholarship Donations
Full Strategic, Marketing, Sales, and Legal Support
Weekly 30min Q&A ''Featured Segment'' so you can ask our experts any questions related to marketing, sales, strategy and law.
Location: Beverly Hills Women's Club. 1700 Chevy Chase Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Dates: Thursday October 24, 2019 I Thursday October 31, 2019 I Thursday November 7, 2019 I Wednesday November 13, 2019
Time: 10am-5pm 
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!
Attendees' Testimonials

Jimmy Delshad
Two-times Mayor of Beverly Hills

Rodrigo de Moraes
Educator and Consultant

Pyet DeSpain
Owner of Pyet’s Plate 

“An investment in this workshop is an investment in your future”
FREE Lifetime Access To 
The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Membership
In addition to the 4-day workshop, you'll get lifetime access to the Nathalie Virem Foundation's Ultimate Entrepreneurship Program (both online access and workbook) and International Best-Selling Book that are currently an integral part of the curriculum at Cal State University, Los Angeles fully employed MBA program, where Nathalie Virem teaches entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The value of this step-by-step training system is $1,997 but it is yours FREE as a bonus for attending The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Workshop.
- Making Your Life Work For You
- Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
- Defining Your Business Values
- Building Your Business Culture
- Finding Your Higher Purpose
- Creating Your Business Vision
- How Why You Are Here Aligns With Why Your Business Exists
- Elevating Self-Esteem
- Improving Self-Confidence
- Managing The Fear Of Failure & Stress
- Embracing Courage And Vulnerability
- Mastering Your Mind

BONUS CONTENT – Legal Structures 
- Creating an Effective Business Map
- Setting Up Goals
- Finding Your Ideal Customer
- Creating A Valuable Offer
- Business Model Canvas
- Getting Legal & Financial Needs In Order
- Defining Your Business Key Performance Indicators
- Optimizing Your Branding & Positioning
- Nurturing Ideal Networks
- Mastering Sales & Advertising

BONUS CONTENT – Intellectual Property
- Creating And Building Your Ideal Team
- Understanding Optimization & Maximization
- Defining Success
- Giving Back
- Pitch Deck
- Writing A Business Plan
- Business Cases
- Bootstrapping
- Equity Financing
- Navigating Legal & IP Issues

benefits you’ll get from attending 
  • Actionable insights to launchgrow and scale your business.
  •  Core fundamentals upon which a company reaches lifetime success.
  • ​Full support from four top rated experts in strategy, marketing, sales and legal arenas. 
  • ​Tools for creating a steady stream of wealth.
  • ​Opportunities to expand your network and connect and partner with others.
  •  Recognition of obstacles to success and ways to overcome them.
  •   Introduction to new strategies and systems that generate real results.
  • ​Greater clarity about manifesting passion and purpose in your daily life.
  • ​Ability to apply transferable skills from experts.
  • ​Capacity to overcome fears, uncertainties and doubts to enhance decision-making skills.
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!

Nathalie Virem - CEO & President, Nathalie Virem Foundation

Nathalie Virem is an international best-selling author, keynote speaker and entrepreneurship authority.

As an international best-selling author, speaker, expert and founder of the Nathalie Virem Foundation, I've helped over 3,000+ business owners and MBA students grow and scale an ethically sustainable business.

The Nathalie Virem Foundation is the premier resource and platform developing conscious leaders of ethically sustainable ventures serving the greater good. We offer charity events and an academy that focuses on helping at-risk, and economically disadvantaged leaders with scholarships. 

Our Foundation has received two “Certificate of Recognition” awards from the State of California and the City of Los Angeles for the outstanding philanthropic work, dedication, commitment and efforts towards developing professional business leaders and contributing to strong local economies in order to make a more positive impact throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Jeffrey Evans - Brand Builder, and Networking Expert

Jeffrey Evans is the founder of Who You Know, Inc, a brand builder, and a networking expert.

Experienced and passionate leader who clearly inspires people. Member Board of Directors of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Very involved in the Beverly Hills community. A true people connector who has positively instilled a winning culture within every business and brand.

Skilled in: the Luxury market, Event planning, Trend Analysis, Trend Forecasting, Sales, Retail, Recruiting, Social Media and Community Outreach. Strong business development professional who knows how to connect luxury brands to the community and drive sales toward end result. A true brand ambassador. 

Nikki Caster - Motivational Speaker, and Peak Performance Coach

Nikki Caster is a motivational heartspeaker, holistic wellness expert and peak performance coach.

Nikki founded her program, Nourish Your Nature, to help people capitalize on the body’s natural capacity to heal itself.  

Nikki is certified in Kundalini Yoga and meditation, breath work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pilates, Hatha Yoga, Superbrain Yoga, Pranic Healing, Kids Yoga and Chakra Healing. She’s trained in Peak Performance, QiGong, Astrology, Brain Gym, Mindfulness, Core intelligence, Sports Training, rehabilitation, and Biomechanics.  

She has worked with Serving Hands International providing food for orphanages and homeless families in Mexico.  She supports programs for survivors of domestic violence, care for foster youth and reconstructive surgeries for children with deformities.  She is also a co-host of The Cherry Bomb Podcast, as well as, a Member of the Outfest Women’s Committee.

Marjon Ghasemi - Entrepreneur, M&A Advisor, and Startup Attorney

Marjon Ghasemi is a Fractional General Counsel, M&A Advisor and Startup Attorney

Marjon is a corporate attorney and her multi-disciplinary practice focuses on providing outside general counsel services to emerging and mid-size companies, with a particular focus on companies looking for outside funding or preparing for an exit. 

An entrepreneur by nature and an attorney by training, Marjon has spent her nearly 20-year career straddling between legal counselor and business advisor. 

Marjon is a supporter of numerous nonprofit organizations in Southern California, and is currently serving on the The Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) board. A graduate of the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law, she also taught as an adjunct professor at Western State University College of Law.

Hilda Hacoobei - Founder of M&H Journeys

In 2014, Hilda Hacoobei founded M&H Distinctive Journeys, a full service travel and concierge luxury travel agency based in Los Angeles. In 2017, Hilda joined Virtuoso Network, the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel. Hilda is a travel matchmaker who uses her industry knowledge and connections to tailor a perfect retreat or vacation for individuals or groups.

M&H Distinctive Journeys is committed to sustainability and believes that the travel industry can be a powerful catalyst in the world. The company’s mission is to spread awareness and knowledge about
protecting and preserving the wildlife and our environment through travel.
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!

Yohan Lefèvre - Press and Sponsorship Lead

Yohan Lefèvre - Press & Sponsorship Communication Lead

Yohan Lefèvre has extensive volunteering experience in the charitable sector and currently leads the press & sponsorship communications for the Nathalie Virem Foundation.

Yohan serves as a volunteer in various non-profit organizations that support and provide services to at-risk and economically disadvantaged communities in the Los Angeles area.

Passionated about helping those in need, Yohan has been helping leaders and organizations be more conscious and have a more positive impact for the past decade. 

William Aguilar - Social Digital Media Expert

William Aguilar is a recent graduate from CSULA majoring in Business Administration.
While is a mentor for CollegeSpring, where he teaches Math, Reading and Writing SAT prep to students in under resourced areas in Los Angeles, many of which would be First Generation college students.  William also helps provide insight into college applications, financial aid and helps students locate the resources necessary to enroll. 

To help with his college finances, William used his knowledge of economics to establish his first few entrepreneurial ventures in selling Trading cards and collectible figures. He simultaneously used his knowledge of Marketing and Management to further excel his business through social media and allocating the budgets/expenses precisely. 

Ronnie King - Oscar and Grammy-Nominated Musician.

Ronnie King - Oscar and Grammy Nominated, RIAA Cert Multi-Platinum, Diamond Cert Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Arranger, & Musician.

Mr. Ronnie King is a Multi-Platinum, Diamond Certified (10 million plus units) Oscar and Grammy Nominated producer, composer, arranger, musician and philanthropist.

Philanthropist, Ronnie King is President of Ronnie King Music Group. 

Largely known for his contributions and collaborations with artists Mariah Carey, Tyrese, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, The Offspring, Pepper, Rancid, labels Death Row Records, Epitaph Records, Interscope Records, Sony Music Entertainment, and films for Miramax Films, Universal Pictures. Ronnie is a Oscar and Grammy Nominated, RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum, Diamond Certified Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Arranger, & Musician rooted in LA and based in The Coachella Valley, Indio, CA.

Angel Ray - Singer, and Writer

ANGEL RAY was born in Veracruz, Mexico on October 10, 1980 and comes from an extremely talented musical family. Acoustic guitar is his instrument of choice, and he has been writing lyrics and musical melodies for since 1998.

ANGEL RAY is a creative, passionate and determined musician who has performed at the Knott’s Berry Farm Amphitheater, Crystal Cathedral and other venues. He was the winner of a BMI award for “Sun, Sand and Sea,” and since then has produced several singles and albums that have received international acclaim. 

ANGEL RAY has been nominated for a variety of music and media awards and has appeared on TV and radio. ANGEL is currently working on a second album with Argentinian producer Matias Badino. The first three singles have allowed him to tour part of Mexico. This new album is much anticipated by audiences that have fallen in love with Angel’s rich and positive style of writing. ANGEL’S mission is to “write music that leaves a legacy of life and optimism.”
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!
What Others Have To Say

Dr. Stephen McGuire - Director of Graduate Studies, College of Business and Economics, California State University Los Angeles

”We at CSULA are honored to have best-selling author Nathalie Virem teach our MBA Entrepreneurship program. Nathalie Virem's book ‘Live With Purpose: Creating Positive, Lasting Change‘ and entrepreneurship program are an essential part of the curriculum.”

Mark Lack - Founder of ShortenTheGap, Host of BusinessRockstars

“Nathalie Virem is forging the way for thought leaders and social entrepreneurs that will be able to make a difference in the world when they follow The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Program framework.”

LuzAngela Rubin - Archangelic Therapist & Holistic Wellness Practitioner

”Nathalie Virem offers a powerful and effective entrepreneurship program. Nathalie's innate cleverness, attentiveness, and gentle ability inspire self-recognition of the unique gifts we already have, to manifest our purpose with clarity and confidence. One of the most remarkable benefits of The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Program is learning about our true-selves, uncovering the real intention of our goals, businesses, decisions, and bringing balance while creating financial success.”

Oliver Palan - Fully Employed MBA Student at Cal State LA Downtown

''I wanted to thank you for a wonderful program. Taking your entrepreneurship course has really inspired me to dig deep and think well about what I want to do with my life, and looking for a career that connects much more with my purpose and what makes me spiritually and emotionally fulfilled. I just quit my job a few weeks ago because it was unfulfilling. I was very upset about it, but thanks to your course I have seen this as an opportunity to find something greater that will fulfill me and my purpose. Thank you!''

Michael Matucci - Actor and Producer, System Busters

''Nathalie came into my life and has guided both my campaign for humanity, Systems Busters, and my personal brands into a professional and well positioned place. Thanks to her I now have ten aligned portals that reflect a clear brand and purpose. Seeing the results of her advice settle into place, I am in a much more relaxed and confident place moving forward and building the platform for monetization. Nathalie exudes a calm and confident aura and brings forward a kindness and compassion in our meetings. She’s a true pleasure. I feel stronger knowing that she is on my side and know that she can help me create a legacy of love and service with my videos, films and speaking!''

Allen - Owner at SouthBay Website Design

''Nathalie's grasp and teaching of the tools in her entrepreneurship program was so beneficial for me. I did the program and was in the process of transforming from the first day. From the start, I was able to find clarity for my purpose here in my life. With that starting point on I felt hope and immediate growth. With a slight structural change to my existing business, I was able to hone in on what was needed to actually grow and scale the business into something I can be proud of. Instead of all the other diversions and distractions, I now know what direction to take things based on my life's purpose. I thank you, Nathalie, for giving me insight to all of the things that I needed to work on within myself. They are priceless!''
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!
Become a Sponsor?
 The benefits of becoming a sponsor investor include a return of up to $65,000+ in value!
In exchange for a donation, Sponsor Investors receive:
  • Name recognition on promotional materials and social media platforms.
  • Complimentary scholarships to Foundation events (galas, courses, workshops, seminars).
  • An option to participate on the Advisory Board of the Foundation.
For more information contact:
Nathalie Virem 
+1 424 527 1372
The Nathalie Virem Foundation has received two “Certificate of Recognition” awards from the State of California and the City of Los Angeles for the outstanding philanthropic work, dedication, commitment and efforts towards developing professional business leaders and contributing to strong local economies in order to make a more positive impact throughout the city of Los Angeles. 
THANK YOU for supporting the growth and education of our entrepreneurs!
CSULA Entrepreneurship Organization
CSULA MBA Entrepreneurship Organization
CSULA Professionals in Human Resources Association
CSULA The Hispanic Business Society
Los Angeles Accueil
Siete Foods
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!
This Workshop is for
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • ​Business Owners
  • ​Executives 
  • ​Health & Wellness Experts
  • ​Philanthropists
  • Speakers
  • ​Authors
  • ​Consultants and Coaches
  • ​Leaders
  • ​Entertainers
And other professionals who want to start or grow and scale an entrepreneurial venture and have a bigger and more positive impact in the world.
Past Event Highlights
What Past Attendees Have To Say

Niko Martillo - The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce

‘’Hi this is Niko Martillo and I am with The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce. Nathalie has been fantastic. The knowledge that I am gathering today, there is no money in the world that could buy it.’’

Jil Love - Founder of Jil Love Revolution 

‘’Hi my name is Jil Love, I am very grateful to be in this event. I have met the most amazing, interesting, successful entrepreneurs’’

Hugo Fernandez - CEO of Just Digital Inc

''Hey, this is Hugo Fernandez, CEO of Just Digital Inc, the event has been amazing, the people, the connections, everybody, all the ideas and the networking at this event have been off the charts.’’
What Past Scholarship Winners Have To Say

Mohamed Isse-  Student at California State University-Los Angeles

‘’What I really enjoyed about this event was that we were able to talk to professionals and really get to see what their mindset is. Having access to their knowledge and taking it in. That is very inspirational for me as a scholarship winner and I really enjoyed that. It is a great event."

Eileen Driscoll - Personal Trainer, and AMA Ambassador

"I am coming from the city of Woodland Hills and this event is absolutely wonderful. I am learning tons of entrepreneurial strategies and meeting top professionals. Thank you, Nathalie for the scholarship. I appreciate it!’’
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!
What Makes Our Events Different
  • ​Receive STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE & EXPERTISE on how to GROW and SCALE a meaningful Business 
  •  Listen and will be able to ask questions to FOUR TOP RATED EXPERTS in STRATEGY, MARKETING, SALES and LEGAL arenas. 
  • ​Connect with a QUALITY NEWORK of entrepreneurs, business owners and executives.
  • ​Experience a TRULY INTIMATE and HANDS-ON entrepreneurial and business experience.
  • EXPAND your network and CONNECT and PARTNER with others.
  • ​Acquire POWERFUL TOOLS, and materials that you can take with you to keep for future reference.
  • ​Integrate PRACTICAL STRATEGIES and SYSTEMS that will guide you on your path to PROPEL YOUR BUSINESS.
Refund Policy
You can request a refund in the event you can't attend. If your request is received 30 days on or before the event start date, you will receive a full refund. If the request is received 15 days on or before the event start date, a 50% refund will be issued. We look forward to seeing you there.
100% of donations are allocated towards the Nathalie Virem Foundation projects to support entrepreneurs!